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The Course

Walking with God – UP

Living a life of devotion to God, who brings personal transformation

  • Aligning my decisions with God’s design for my life
  • Connecting with God in tangible ways
  • Engaging with God’s written word
  • Interacting with God through listening and speaking

Walking with One Another – IN

Growing together as a family of believers through authentic relationships

  • Choosing vulnerability and grace-filled accountability
  • Participating in faith family gatherings of all types
  • Partnering with other people of faith for intentional spiritual growth
  • Responding to the needs of the community of faith

Walking with Our Neighbors – OUT

Traveling together to discover Christ’s love, grace and mercy

  • Being a faithful compassionate presence
  • Practicing conspicuous spirituality
  • Reaching out to those in our community who are not like us
  • Showing genuine interest in the people that God has place around us

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